Heading Out
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Heading Out
Hair & Beauty

mission-logo The Mission

Heading Out Hair & Beauty are Melbourne's #1 hairdresser and beauty studio, offering services to some of the most influential personalities in Australia.

Heading Out felt that their online brand was beginning to feel dated and that the company website was in need of a rebuild to help improve the customer experience, increase search engine rankings, and align the design with the latest industry trends.  

process-logo The Process

The Growth Marketing Genie data science team performed in-depth market research to produce invaluable insights which will be referenced to help guide future business decisions and assist in the UX design of the new Heading Out website. This market research included a competitor analysis, technology report, website audit, user research, and buyer persona creation. 

To maximise the campaign output, fast-track design into development, and begin seeing results sooner, the Growth Marketing Genie User Experience team utilised an agile methodology to prepare low-fi wireframes and test usability in a rapid manner.

Offering ongoing consultative support and website optimisation, the Growth Marketing Genie team manage the day-to-day activities and upkeep to ensure that the Heading Out website is performing without any issues. 

results-logo The Results

The Heading Out project included a variety of UX design iterations that were developed, tested, and optimised in an rapid iterative manner, producing a final design in a relatively short period of time that included a new website architecture, significantly improved website navigation, and an updated design that reflected the most up-to-date industry trends and recent brand transformation.

 UX Design Iterations
Target Audience Personas
Months of Website Support
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